1:1 Coaching with Natasha

The mindset, the strategy, and the accountability
you need to get you to your goals.


I received an email from someone earlier this week that started like this:

“I’ve been reading your newsletter for a while now and appreciate the advice. But let’s be real. Your level of success is simply not possible for everybody, no matter how you spin it.”

It caught me off-guard, this email, because it’s true.

My level of success—which, let’s be honest, is hardly extraordinary—is certainly not possible for everybody.

Not because it’s not achievable.

But because most people will refuse to believe it’s achievable BY THEM.

There are hundreds of reasons a writer might fail to find success, ranging from lack of strategy and understanding of the marketplace to personal factors such as three jobs, debt, mental illness, and the industry’s bias against minorities.

These reasons, often several together, combine to create blocks that writers find difficult to first, identify, and then release.

In my coaching practice, this is exactly the work I do with my clients.

I help you figure out your unique blocks and bottlenecks, and I give you strategies, both mindset and practical, to help you blast through them.

I’ve helped hundreds of writers identify and overcome the reasons they get stuck. I help them transform what they think is a disadvantage into an advantage.

Some obstacles require systemic change and we must work as an industry to change them. But outside of these external circumstances, the biggest challenge any writer will face in their career is finding the ability to overcome the stories created by their own mind.

The uncertainty of being a writer is certainly not for everybody. Running a freelance business is for even fewer people.

But if you’ve decided it’s for you?

If you can write, you’re willing to learn, and you’re ready to change the stories that keep you stuck and in struggle?

I can help.


"I've seen my freelance income nearly double."

“In the three years that I’ve been working with Tasha, I’ve seen my freelance income nearly double. In our coaching calls, she’s helped me shift my mindset in ways that have enabled me to be a better businesswoman—and negotiator—and open myself up to better opportunities. I’ve learned to say no to projects with high opportunity cost and invest both time and money into establishing a lucrative career full of the types of projects I’m most passionate about. I’ve yet to find a problem Tasha hasn’t known how to solve, and I’m endlessly grateful for her guidance and mentorship.

I’ve always found Tasha’s coaching programs to be worth every penny, and I’ve found so much motivation and support in this group. I joined with wishy washy goals and some personal roadblocks that made it challenging for me to focus on creative projects, and Tasha has helped me change my mindset in ways that have created more space for dreaming about my writing goals and turning them into a reality.

- Kassondra Cloos


One of the greatest honors and pleasures of my life is working with incredibly ambitious creative people who place no limit on their dreams. I work with writers in all areas and industries. Writers who are:

  • Freelance writers
  • Journalists
  • Content writers and marketers
  • Nonfiction authors and novelists
  • Indie and traditionally published authors
  • Creative entrepreneurs

You don’t have to be at a certain level of income or experience to work with me. What I look for is an attitude, someone with big dreams and even bigger follow through.

I like working with people who have already decided that their dreams are non-negotiable. They’re going to get there, with or without my help. They just understand that my help will help them get there faster, with less resistance, far less angst, and a lot more fun.

They know I can help them identify their blocks in a way they themselves can’t.

When you travel a unique, ambitious path, the usual rules don’t apply.

When you’re in the process of creating something new, doing something in a way no one’s ever done before, or taking a creative risk that no one else understands, you need someone by your side to believe in you.

To remind you that this is exactly how dreams are made and empires are built.

When I started writing from India at 19 years old, I was told that being Indian was a disadvantage. Being based in India was a disadvantage. American writers told me to stop pitching foreign media and focus on my home turf. My Indian family told me that these pipe dreams were impractical and not only was I ruining my career, but any chance of ever finding a man.

I was told repeatedly that I wouldn’t make it because of my background, the color of my skin, and where I lived.

Basically, I was told I couldn’t make it because of WHO I WAS.

I ignored them all. I made India my specialty. And I succeeded beyond my wildest imagination.

Never let anyone tell you that the reason you can’t be successful is who you are, where you come from, or what you’ve lived through.

Those are not your weaknesses. Those are your unique superpowers.

I can teach you how to channel them effectively and profitably.

"Here, we are never too small."

"In my secret life, I'm at my book launch at a cafe/bookstore in New York. Three people I recognize are in the room, among them is Tasha, super excited and cheering from the back row. (No pressure Tasha, it's ok if you're just there in spirit.)

"But that's the power of Tasha's infectious energy. Me, who would never tell a soul that my dream is to be an author - can write this in a testimonial. She makes sure you know and BELIEVE that everything is possible, dreamable, achievable. And most certainly, she is cheering you on every step of the way.

"I didn't take the one-on-one sessions to achieve any one particular goal or to reach one particular publication, I took this to put down on paper many ideas I've had for years now. In the one month we worked together, she made sure every single one of them was written down and worked and reworked many times. I have to say I didn't always like her for it. 

"But I always knew she was right. And now the publications say the same because right after I am done with this testimonial, I'll get on to transcribing my interview for a piece for the Economist. Yes, the Economist. That's the joy of being part of Tasha's world. Here, we are never too small and no publication ever too big."

- Zehra Abid



My clients show up for themselves, fully and completely.

If you expect a coach or mentor to solve your problems or give you a magic bullet solution that will save your career, you’ve missed the point.

You’re doing yourself a real disservice when you do this because you’re placing the power outside of yourself.

Listen, nobody’s coming to save you. No coach, no book, no course, no mentor has the power to do that.

A good coach is not someone who tells you what to do.

A good coach is someone who helps you discover the power and the ability you already have inside of you.

Someone who helps you believe and trust that the magic is YOU.

When you work with me, I help you develop the confidence and the self trust to know that you can figure out the next steps and do them well.

I never hire mentors so they can tell me what to do.

I hire mentors so that they can help me trust in my ability to know what to do.

The faster you build trust in yourself and have continued faith in your decision, the faster you will get to your goals.

Of course, I will help with the practical steps, too. When I work with my coaching clients, I critique their pitches, give them ideas for income generation, share exercises that will help them move through a specific block in a novel. But with every pitch I critique and every journaling session I make them endure, I make sure that I help my clients see their patterns. I point out where they struggle so they can take that issue and fix not just the surface level writing, but the mindset or the resistance that leads to it.

Ask me how many times a writer has sent me a thin pitch and when I ask them to dig deeper into why they’re not putting on to the page the story they’ve told me they want to tell, they’ll sheepishly admit to being afraid. Of believing that this is what an agent or editor will want to hear. Of worrying that the true story might be too polarizing or makes them uncomfortable. The moment this realization happens, they’re off and running.

The story reveals itself, the pitch is great, and the sale is inevitable.

Would these clients have figured out their blocks on their own? Eventually, of course. As I said, the kind of person I work with isn’t just sitting around waiting for things to happen. If they can’t work through a block, they’ll find their way around it. It just takes a lot more time.

The magic is never the course, the mentor, or the strategy.

The magic is YOU.

My goal—as your coach, mentor, and fan—is to help you find it.

"I didn't expect things to start taking off so soon"

Finished—my first article for the Economist! Very much a result of coaching/pitch critiques from Natasha Khullar Relph. Making things even cooler, it came out on my birthday. ☺

I have two other articles coming out with big publications this month, one of which is a dream mag and the other a big tech site that will help give me more credibility to branch out into tech-based content marketing.

None of this would have been possible without the direct support that came from the coaching sessions, and I didn’t expect things to start taking off so soon… I really think it saved me months or even years of learning/progressing on my own. But it was very much worth it, and the three upcoming articles alone more than pay for the sessions.

- Josh Nadeau



If you think I might be the right mentor for you, I’d be delighted to help.

When you sign up for coaching with me, you’ll receive personalized support, roadmaps, and live feedback during our calls, but in addition, you’ll also have unlimited email and Slack support so you can have your questions answered immediately and receive critiques when you most need the support.

We’ll dig deep, both on the mindset side of things as well as the practical actions you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

PLUS: Everyone who coaches with me gets an invitation into an exclusive group of my students and coaching clients. You have lifetime access to this group so that you can get ongoing support from me and my community of badass writers.

Long after our coaching time has come to an end, you’ll continue being part of my group and my community, so that you never feel like you’re out fighting for your dreams on your own.

When you work with me, you’re not buying my time by the hour. You’re gaining a mentor, a partner, a fan. Someone who will stand by your side, call you out on your bullshit, help you find that deep inner magic, and give you the tools and strategies to help you take that magic and use it to turn your dreams into reality.

And when you do, I will be right there, cheering you on and helping you dream even bigger and reach even higher.

"I achieved my goal of going full-time freelance again by the end of our six-week coaching period"

“Natasha was everything I was looking for in a writing coach: she's all business while still being friendly and supportive.

I achieved my goal of going full-time freelance again by the end of our six-week coaching period. I've since created more goals for myself financially and career-wise, and have organized myself for success. Without Natasha's guidance and reassurance and gentle pushing, I doubt I would have come this far this fast.”

- Haniya Rae

My goal isn’t to simply help your business achieve success. It’s to make sure you experience personal transformation.

I want to help you build self trust. Because when you trust that what’s inside of you is real, there is nothing that can stand in your way.




Monthly Tune-up

If all you need is a monthly tune-up, then this is the best way to work with me. We’ll have a 45-minute Zoom call each month, in which we’ll talk through your ongoing progress and the next steps you need to take. You’ll also have unlimited access to me over Slack, plus membership in my exclusive community of students and clients. However, I will not be providing feedback or notes on work with a monthly tune-up.

Investment: $300 per month with the first 3 months payable upfront.



You. Me. And five full hours of extreme focus. Sometimes you just need someone to sit down with you and strategize the year, the book launch, or the pitching process. This is a fantastic way to fast track your progress toward a specific goal. Maybe you need a push to finish writing that novel. Perhaps you’d like to work through a whole bunch of freelance pitches. Or maybe you have a product or book launch coming up. This will be the day we put extreme focus on it and get it done.

Investment: $899


Six-week Intensive

Have a longer term goal that you’re ready to bring to life? In these six weeks together, we’ll pick a goal and spend the six weeks not only coming up with a strategy, but actually implementing it. I will be available to look at and help tweak your plans and marketing material, critique writing, or offer feedback on whatever you need help with to achieve this goal. In six weeks of working with me, clients have replaced their full-time incomes and quit their jobs, finished novels, and landed literary agents. 

Investment: $1,999


With each of my coaching programs, you get invited into an exclusive membership group of my students and clients. You’ll have unlimited access to me through the duration of our time together. You’ll also have lifetime access to this group so that you can get ongoing support from me and my community of badass writers.


"Not an exaggeration that her 1:1 coaching has changed my life"

"Things were going great… and I was miserable.

"Four months ago, things were going really well in my own content writing business. I had more work than I could handle and clients who waited for my calendar to free up. I made a great living writing - the holy grail of many freelance writers, I know - but I couldn’t let go of the idea that I was just marking time.

"I had written millions of words… and none of them were words for my own creative projects. And the worst part was that I didn’t even feel like writing for myself anymore. The thought of crafting a blog post - let alone a novel - was just exhausting and felt pointless. I finally had to acknowledge to myself that I won’t get out of the rut on my own.

"They say that when you’re ready, the right teacher will appear, and that’s how it was with Tasha. In Tasha, I saw a person who was living the life I wanted - balancing a writing business for clients with noveling. When the opportunity to work with her opened up, I didn’t hesitate.

It’s not an exaggeration that her 1:1 coaching has changed my life. In very short order - a matter of weeks, Tasha worked a miracle! She helped me break through my barriers, see my creative writing in a whole new light, and again find joy in storytelling.

"I’m now well into my new novel (12,000 words and counting) and brimming with ideas about other writing projects (that I’m actually executing on - like a newsletter about science). Writing is once more my happy place.

"Thank you, Tasha, for this new lease on my creative life!"

- Maria Granovsky

Ready to work with me?

I love coaching writers personally and I keep the sessions short and focused at 45 minutes.

Within six weeks of working with me, my clients have

  • Replaced annual incomes and quit full-time jobs
  • Broken into dream publications (I’ve helped 70+ writers break into The New York Times)
  • Found the confidence to double their rates
  • Finished novels they were stalled on for years.

I can come in and very quickly see what you cannot. I can not only recognize stuckness and lack of confidence, but I know exactly how to help you overcome that. It’s not years of training or practicing marketing techniques that will get you results fast—it’s learning how to shift your mindset so that you can see—and do—things differently.

I can only take on a small number of people at any given time, so if you’re interested in working with me, hit the Apply button and tell me what goals you want to achieve in our time together and why that hasn’t been possible for you so far.

If I can help you, I’ll tell you.

If I can’t, I’ll tell you that, too, and point you towards other resources that can.

It’s time to stop dreaming about the writing success you want and start living it.

And I’d love to be a part of your journey.


"I could not have gotten this dream gig without applying your expertise"

"My father, who discouraged me from pursuing writing because "hardly anyone makes any money at it" nearly fell out of his damn seat when I told him my offer [six-figure writing gig]. It was literally the proudest moment of my life. 

"I wanted to reach out and thank you personally, because your content -- the courses, [your group] and your emails -- have been absolutely pivotal to my success. I could NOT have gotten this dream gig without applying your expertise. 

"Because of what you taught me:

"1. I figured out my niches and built an awesome website showcasing my expertise.

"2. I found steady freelance clients to support myself with while I built an impressive portfolio of writing samples. (I did take some lower paying gigs to get the experience + clips that I needed to get where I was going. But because of you, I did this full well knowing that it was leading to "trading up" to bigger and better things.)

"3. Most importantly, I learned to know my worth. I'd been in a scarcity mindset for so long without even realizing it. You really helped me develop a growth mindset and truly believe that I COULD run a business, could be profitable, could figure this stuff out. 

"I know I would never have gotten here if I didn't invest in myself by buying your courses and a membership to [your group]. And I will forever be a devoted follower, no matter which path your career takes. 

"So thank you. The education you gave me was worth every penny and then some."

- Chelsea Levinson

"Her energy and general positive vibe won't let you rest for a moment in your own but-I-can't"

"As you read this, what are you waiting for? I mean, if you’re reading this, you may think you could use a little — or a substantial — nudge. Natasha delivers that, unlike some coaches you could collaborate with. Her energy and general positive vibe won’t let you rest for a moment in your own “but I can’t.”

I needed a boost to get querying again, even though I’ve done it for years. Sometimes we all need someone on the “outside” to bring out what we know we have languishing on the “inside.” She knows markets, sales and motivation. If you need something else, I’m betting she knows that, too.” 

- Stephanie Stephens

To work with me, simply hit the button below and tell me what you need help with. We'll have a quick conversation over email to see whether I'm the right coach for you.

MONTHLY TUNE-UP: A monthly coaching call to talk through your ongoing progress. (Investment: $300 per month, with 3 months payable upfront.)

VIP DAY: Five full hours of you and me, putting extreme focus on one area of your creative business. (Investment: $899)

SIX-WEEK INTENSIVE: Pick a goal and, over six weeks, I'll help you come up with a strategy and implement it. (Investment: $1,999)

I can't wait to work with you!